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Eight Park Avenue Line 7 MAP
静安豪景苑 7号线 地图
Lane 501 Xikang Road Changping Road (2-mins)
西康路501弄 昌平路(2分钟)
Modern Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 178/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 178/平方米/月
Eight Park Avenue is located on Wuding Road, close to Changde Road; it belongs to the same investment company which built One Park Avenue. There are 3 phases in Eight Park; phase 1 was completed in 2006 with 3 high-rise buildings and offering 200 units approximately. Phase 2 was built in 2008 with 3 high-rise buildings and offering 250 units approximately; phase 3 is still under the construction which will be completed in 2012. There are plenty of different apartments with different layouts for you to choose from in the compound and the most popular ones will be the 2 bedroom units (101sqm) and the 3 bedroom units (145sqm). There is a huge clubhouse in the compound which contains indoor swimming pool, squash room, billiard’s room, karaoke room and boiling alley etc. The club house is only open for the residents and everything is free of charge. All the units are renovated by the investment company before they were sold to the individual landlords, so the fixtures in each apartment are the same. Great location, good facilities and good quality of renovation with reasonably good prices make Eight Park Avenue become quite popular in the market. There are also some serviced companies such as Yopark and Vogue in the compound helping the individual landlords taking care of the apartments, staging the aparmtents and providing good after sale services.
静安豪景位于武定路近常德路;其与静安枫景苑从属同一家开发商。静安豪景分为三期,第一期落成于2006年,由3栋高层建筑组成,共有200个单元。第二期于2008年建成,由3栋高层建筑共250个单位组成;第三期于2012年建成。这里有选择非常多样的公寓以及不同布局供君选择,这个社区最受欢迎的是2卧 (101平方米)和3卧 (145平方米)。社区内设有会所,其中有室内游泳池、壁球室、桌球室、卡拉ok室、沸腾巷等。会所只对租户开放且所有项目免费。所有单位都在出售给个人房东前由开发商翻新,所以每个公寓的精装都是相同的。绝佳的地段,优良的设施和不错的性价比使静安豪景在市场上颇受欢迎。同时,社区内也有一些诸如优帕客和时尚这样的服务公司帮助个人业主维护公寓以及提供有品质的售后服务。
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