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Crystal Pavilion Line 2 MAP
经典茂名 2号线 地图
Lane 318 Maoming north road West Nanjing Road (1-min)
茂名北路318弄 南京西路(1分钟)
Boutique Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 196/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 196/平方米/月
Crystal Pavilion was built in 2007 and it is suited right above the Nanjing west Road metro stations, there are 3 high-rise buildings in the whole compound offering 123 well-appointed apartments placed from 128 (2 bedroom unit) to 328sqm (penthouse), which gives you a wide choice while looking for apartments. All the units are renovated by the investment company before they were sold to individual landlords. As one of the truly world-class residential developments, it is well designed for discerning corporate expatriates who make this dynamic city real home, with its contemporary architecture outlook and quality interior fittings. The personalized features and facilities ensure you a contemporary city living with all the privacy and comforts that makes your family here together a true home. All the units have big bay windows and big square balconies which ensures great view and plenty of nature lights for the tenants. The Wujiang road food pedestrian street is close by and there are lots of worldwide franchised clothing shops around such as Zara, H&M, Gap and Uniclo. You will certainly enjoy the Cosmo life there.
经典茂名建于2007年,紧邻南京西路地铁站,由三个高层建筑构成,共有123个配备齐全的公寓,从2卧128平方米到顶层豪宅328平方米,选择范围非常广。所有单位由开发商翻新后卖给个人房东。作为一个世界级住宅开发商,为外籍高阶商务人士设计在这个动态城市真正的家,配备当代建筑优良的内部装修和质量。这个小区的特点师当代城市生活设施,确保了住户的隐私和舒适,让其在最大范围内感受到真正的家的意义。所有单位都有大凸窗和大晒台,确保租户视野和优异的采光。附近的吴江路美食步行街,有很多全球特许经营的服装店,如Zara、H&M,GAP, Uniclo。您定会享受这一区域的便利都市生活。
Availabilities in this compound
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