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Yanlord Garden Line 9 MAP
仁恒滨江园 9号线 地图
Lane 99 Puming Road Shangcheng Road (6-mins)
浦明路99弄 商城路(6分钟)
Kids Friendly Modern Apartments & Villas
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 167/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 167/平方米/月
Yanlord Garden is located on Pucheng Road, close to Puming Road, within 10-min walking distance to Dongchang Road line 2 metro stations; just like the other 2 Yanlords in Shanghai (Yanlord town and Yanlord Riverside Garden), Yanlord garden consists of 3 different phases and offers more than 1900 units. There are 3 phases in the compound; phase 1 was completed in 2002, phase 2 in 2003 and phases 3 in 2004. Phase 1 consists of several low-rise buildings and a couple of freestanding villas; Phase 2 and 3 are all high-rise buildings; all apartments are individually owned and pre-renovated by the developer with high quality materials. Most of units have view to the garden or Huangpu River. The size of the units in Yanlord garden Pu range from 83sqm (2-bedroom apartment) to 400sqm (5-bedroom penthouse) except those freestanding villas. Among all the units, the 330sqm 4 bedroom units in phase 3 are the most popular ones; lots of expats’ families have chosen them for their home because of the new finishing, the size and the location. There is also an English staging company called Aqua Space in Yanlord Garden which helps the individual landlords re-renovate and maintain their apartments and do the furnishing; The western management and the decoration makes their apartments quite promising and popular in Yanlord Garden.
仁恒滨江园坐落在浦城路,靠近浦明路,10分钟到2号线地铁站东昌路站。正如上海的其他2个仁恒物业(仁恒河滨城和仁恒河滨花园)一样,仁恒河滨花园由3期组成共计1900多个单元。一期是2002年竣工,二期是2003年竣工,三期则是2004年竣工。一期是由几栋低楼层建筑和数栋独栋别墅组成,二期和三期则全是高层建筑,所有的单元都是由开发商采用高质高档的材料统一装修后出售给个人业主。大部分单元都可以欣赏到黄浦江江景或者小区花园景观。除了别墅区仁恒河滨花园的房型则是从83平方米的2房到400平方米的5房顶楼公寓不等。在所有的房型中,330平方米的4房因其全新的配置,面积和地理位置深受涉外家庭的偏爱。在仁恒滨江园中有一个英国的资产管理公司Aqua Space 帮助个人业主再装修和保养公寓。西式的管理方式和装修风格让Aqua Space的公寓在仁恒滨江园独领风骚。
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