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A Hundred Garden Line 11 MAP
百汇园 11号线 地图
Lane 1518 Wanping south Road Yunjin Road (8-mins)
宛平南路1518弄 云锦路(8分钟)
Modern Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:No
Average Rental:RMB 121/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 121/平方米/月
Located along Xuhui River Promenade, A Hundred Garden was completed in 2008 and it is one of the residential developments in this booming area. The compound consists of 2 different phases, has 14 towers and offering more than 1,900 well renovated apartments. The sizes of the apartments range from 110 sqm 1-bedrooms to 440 sqm 5-bedrooms. With the time being, we believe Xuhui River Promenade will become more and more popular and A Hundred Garden will certainly be a good choice for you to choose in this area.
Availabilities in this compound
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Shanghai rentals of Lane 1518 Wanping south Road in A Hundred Garden -Shanghai Lintel 百汇园宛平南路1518弄的可租房源