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Yandlord Eastern Gardens Line 2 MAP
仁恒东郊花园 2号线 地图
No 1399 Tanglong Road Middle Chuangxin Road (15-mins)
唐龙路1399号 创新中路(15分钟)
Family Oriented Modern Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 100/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 100/平方米/月
Yandlord Eastern Gardens is located in Jinqiao area in Pudong, close to Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park and Jinqiao Export Procession Zone. This compound was completed in 2016 and it is one of the high-end residential complexes built by the famous Singapore developer Yandlord Group. The compound consists of 52 low-rise buildings offering 1197 units. All apartments were designed and renovated by the developer before they were sold to individual landlords. Fixtures in every unit looks the same while furniture differs from Individual landlords. The apartments are sized from 93 sqm (2-bedroom units) to 220 sqm (4-bedroom units ), the 177 sqm 4-bedrooms unit and 220sqm 4 bedrooms unit are very popular among the leasing market. Yanlord Group provides great facilities to the residents including indoor& outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, indoor basketball and kids’ room etc. Currently the villa compounds in Tang Town area are dated while the Yandlord Eastern Gardens offers more choices to the international school families nearby.
仁恒东郊花园坐落于浦东新区的金桥, 靠近张江高科技园区和金桥出口贸易区。该小区是2016年由新加坡著名的开发商仁恒集团在上海建立的众多高档住宅小区之一。整个小区共有52栋小高层组成共计1194个单元。所有单元都是开发商统一设计和装修的,因此每个单元硬装都是一样的,而不同的小业主会配置不同的家具。小区房型从93平方米的2房到220平方米的4房不等。其中以177平方米和220平方米的4房最受租赁市场欢迎。 仁恒集团为小区住户提供了设备完善的会所设备,包括室内&室外游泳池,网球场,室内篮球场和儿童游戏房等。 唐镇周边的别墅小区目前都略显陈旧,而仁恒东郊花园的出现则可以为附近的国际学校家庭提供更多选择。
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