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Riverside Times Garden Line 1 MAP
苏河融景 1号线 地图
Lane 318 Hengfeng Road Hanzhong Road (5-mins)
恒丰路318弄 汉中路(5分钟)
Modern Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 170/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 170/平方米/月
Riverside Times Garden is located in north of Nanjing west Road CBD area at the corner of Hengfeng Road and Hanzhong Road, close to the Sun City Plaza and VOVO Park Shopping Mall. 8-mins driving distance to Shanghai Train areato north. Phase I was completed in 2015 and Phase II is under construction. Phase I consists of 8 buildings offering 600 units. All units were designed and renovated with the uniformed style by the developer before they were sold to individuals. Sizes of the apartments range from 71 sqm (1-bedroom) to 231 sqm (4-bedroom). Great onsite facilities are provided to the residents including a gym, a kid’s room and a reading center. Residents definitely enjoy the great finishing of apartment in the compound and the onsite facilities in the compound. We believe Riverside Times Garden is going to more and more popular after Zhabei district merged with Jing’an district.
苏河融景位于南京西路商业圈恒丰路和汉中路路口,毗邻太阳广场和凯德星茂汇商场,往北8分钟车程到上海火车站地区。小区一期已于2015年建成, 二期还在施工当中。一期共有8栋高楼组成,共计600个单元。每个单元都是由开发商统一设计装修后出售给个人业主。房型从71平方米的1房到231平方米的4房为主。 小区给住户提供了健身房,书吧和会议室等设施,让住户在享受公寓高品质的同时,也能够在优良的小区环境中享受生活。随着闸北并入静安区后,该小区会越来越受欢迎。
Availabilities in this compound
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