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Stanford Residence Xuhui Line 9 MAP
尚臻徐汇服务式公寓 9号线 地图
Bld 7 & 10, No 268 Jianguo west Road Jiashan Road (5-mins)
建国西路268号7号和10号 嘉善路(5分钟)
Luxury Modern Serviced Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 223/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 223/平方米/月
After the success of Stanford Residence Jing’an, a new project—Stanford Residence Xuhui has lifted its veil in the market. Stanford Residence Xuhui is located in Phase II of the palace in the southern part of the French concession. The project consists of 2 middle-rise buildings offering around 119 well renovated apartments. All apartments are fully furnished with modern furniture. Centralized air-conditioning and floor heating systems are throughout the whole apartments. Residents have access to great clubhouse in the palace including a well-equipped gym and the indoor swimming pool. 3 times weekly housekeeping services are provided to the residents as well. Sizes of the apartments in Stanford Residence Xuhui range from 157sqm (2-bedrooms) to 365sqm (5-bedroom penthouses).
Availabilities in this compound
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Shanghai rentals of Bld 7 & 10, No 268 Jianguo west Road in Stanford Residence Xuhui-Shanghai Lintel 尚臻徐汇服务式公寓建国西路268号7号和10号的可租房源