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Stanford Residences Jing'an Line 2 MAP
尚臻静安服务式公寓 2号线 地图
Block 1 & 3 Lane30 Wulumuqi north Road Jing'an Temple (8-mins)
乌鲁木齐北路30弄1号楼,3号楼 静安寺(8分钟)
Luxury Modern Serviced Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 235/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 235/平方米/月
Located at the transportation hub near Jing’an temple, just moments from metro station Line 2, Stanford Residences Jing'an is within easy reach of the city’s main metro station, high speed train, Hongqiao and Pudong airports, the convention centre, and numerous commercial complexes and banks. Designed by an experience hotel interior team, apartments at Stanford Residences have been turned into a heartwarming contemporary refuge where you and your family can create a lift together. Meanwhile, the 5-star hotel amenities and services are provided to the residents including both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym & lounge bar etc. Apartments in Stanford Residences range from 227sqm (3-bedroom suites) to 275sqm (3 1 suites) .
Availabilities in this compound
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Shanghai rentals of Block 1 & 3 Lane30 Wulumuqi north Road in Stanford Residences Jing'an-Shanghai Lintel 尚臻静安服务式公寓乌鲁木齐北路30弄1号楼,3号楼的可租房源