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Shanghai Links Line 2 MAP
上海林克司 2号线 地图
No 1600 Lingbai Road Yuandong Avenue (30-mins)
凌白路1600号 远东大道(30分钟)
Family Oriented Modern Serviced Villas
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 139/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 139/平方米/月
Shanghai Links is a fully integrated luxury compound located on the banks of the East China Sea. With an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool, lake, restaurant, convenience store, children playground, exercise room, Shuttle Bus Service and more. Shanghai Links offers the amenities of a country club in the comfort of a residential community. Shanghai Links Community offers numerous villa designs, ranging from 200sqm 2-bedroom villas (the innes) to 370sqm 5-bedroom homes (the heritage’ 97) and is home to the Shanghai American School Pudong Campus for your family's convenience and children's safety. Clean air, scenic views and the outdoors sets Shanghai Links apart.
上海林克斯是坐落在东海江畔上豪宅小区。小区内有Jack Nicklaus设计的18洞高尔夫球场,网球场,室外游泳池,人工湖,餐厅,便利店,儿童游乐园,健身房,班车等设施和服务,同时还卫租客提供了乡村俱乐部等娱乐设施。上海林克斯的别墅设计风格多种多样,面积从200平方米的2房别墅(The Innes)到370平方米的5房别墅(The Heritage’97)不等,是上海美国国际学校浦东校区里的家庭理想安全的选择。清新的客气,优美的自然景观和露天休闲区使得上海林克斯在租赁市场上脱颖而出。
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