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Le Chambord Line 17 MAP
圣堡别墅 17号线 地图
Lane 99 Lianmin Road 徐盈路 (30-mins)
联民路99弄 Xuying Road(30分钟)
Modern Villas
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 129/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 129/平方米/月
Located on Lianmin Road, neighboring with Dream House and Western International School of Shanghai, Le Chambord is the most popular villa compound in the area. The compound has beautiful landscape consisting of 3 different phases, offering 276 standalone villas. Each villa features the stone wainscot and nicely designed gardens and paths. The phase III of Le Chambord has just been completed in 2013 and offering 67 new villas. A well equipped club house is provided to the residents including both indoor and outdoor swimming pool, an indoor tennis court and basketball court and other gym facilities etc. Houses in Le Chambord range from 297sqm (4-bedroom villas) to 720sqm (6-bedroom villas). At the end of 2013, there will be a bridge connecting Le Chambord and WISS, so the students living in the complex could have direct access to WISS which will certainly be a selling point for the villas in the Le Chambord.
Availabilities in this compound
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Shanghai rentals of Lane 99 Lianmin Road in Le Chambord-Shanghai Lintel 圣堡别墅联民路99弄的可租房源