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Yanlord Riverside Garden Line 15 MAP
仁恒河滨花园 15号线 地图
Lane 388 Furongjiang Road 天山路 (5-mins)
芙蓉江路388弄 Tianshan Road(5分钟)
Family Oriented Modern Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 170/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 170/平方米/月
Located on Tianshan Road, close to Shuicheng Road, Yanlord Riverside Garden is the biggest modern compound in Hongqiao area. The complex consists of 3 different phases offering more than 1,500 units in total; the newest phase was completed in 2006. All the apartments were renovated by the investment company with high standard by they were sold to the individuals. The ones in Phase 3 are installed with floor heating systems. The project covers over 68% greenery field and equips with 6000sqm gym facilities include both indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis and basket ball courts, badminton court, sauna, spa and gym etc. There are also onsite restaurants and supermarkets in the compound. The apartments are sized from 84sqm (small 2-bedroom units) to 528sqm (7-bedroom penthouses).
坐落在天山路,靠近 水城路的仁恒河滨花园是虹桥区最大的现代小区,整个小区共有3期,共有1500多个单元。最新的三期竣工于2006年。所有的公寓都是开发商高标准统一装修后出售给个人业主。三期的单元都统一安装了地暖系统,小区绿化率达60%,会所占地面积达6000平方米,包含室内室外游泳池,网球场,篮球场,羽毛球场桑拿房,水疗中心和健身房等设备。小区内也有超市和餐厅可供选择。房型从84平方米的小2房到528平方米的7房顶楼公寓不等。
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