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Green Hills Line 14 MAP
云间绿大地 14号线 地图
Lane 418 Jinxiu East Road Huangyang Road (15-mins)
锦绣东路418弄 黄杨路(15分钟)
Modern Apartments & Villas
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 131/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 131/平方米/月
Green Hills is located in the center of Biyun international residential community. It was built in 2003 and there are 500 units in total in the whole complex. The units are either town house apartments or freestanding villas. The townhouse apartments are sized around 170sqm and the freestanding villas are placed in between 333sqm and 500sqm. The detached villas are designed with 4 different styles to cater different customers, they are Spanish Style, French Style, English and traditional Chinese. There are also 3 different phases in Green hills; the newest phase 3 which is called Willow Brook and is owned by the developer is very popular among the foreign communities.
云间绿大地坐落在碧云社区的中心位置,2003年竣工,共计500个单元。房型既有联排别墅也有独栋别墅。联排别墅面积170平方米,独栋别墅面积有333平方米和500平方米。双拼别墅有4种不同的风格,西班牙风格,法式风格,英式风格和传统中国风来满租不同需求的租客。同样,云间绿大地也分三期,最新的一期是属于开发商的Willow Brook在涉外社区非常受欢迎。
Availabilities in this compound
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