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The Gallery Rainbow City Line 4 MAP
瑞虹新城悦庭 4号线 地图
No 368 Ruihong Road Linping Road (8-mins)
瑞虹路368号 临平路(8分钟)
Luxury Modern Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 168/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 168/平方米/月
The Gallery Rainbow City is located at the Golden Triangle of The North Bund, The Bund and Lujiazui, it is about 7 driving distance to The Bund, 10 minutes to Lujiazui. It is the 7th phase of the brand new comprehensive project Ruihong Tiandi in Hongkou area designed by the renowned developer Shui On Group. The Gallery was completed in 2017, it’s considered one of the newest Luxury residential compound in Puxi Shanghai. The complex consists of 5 high-rise apartment buildings and 2 townhouse buildings offering 650 units in total. All units are designed and renovated by Shui On Group with uniformed style. The residents could choose the layout from 83 sqm 1-bedroom to 244 sqm 4-bedroom unit. The Gallery Rainbow City provides great facilities including gym and indoor thermostatic swimming pool to the residents. With the development of few years, the commercial facilities in Ruihong Tiandi has become increasingly mature. The Hall of Sun, The Hall of Moon and The Hall of Star are separately customized for men, women and kids.
瑞虹新城悦庭坐落北外滩、外滩、陆家嘴“黄金三角”核心位置上,约7分钟直达外滩,约10分钟抵达陆家嘴。 它是瑞安集团在上海虹口区打造的全新的综合性行项目瑞虹天地的高档住宅楼盘的第七期, 竣工于2017年,是浦西最新的豪宅小区之一。整个小区由5栋高层公寓楼和2栋叠加别墅组成,共计650个单元。所有单元都是瑞安集团精心统一设计和装修的,房型从83平方米的一房到244平方米的四房来满足不同住户群体的需要,小区建有豪华的地下会所,提供健身房,恒温室内游泳池等设备给住户。经过数年发展,瑞虹天地的商业配套设施已经日臻完善,社区内分别建有太阳宫,月亮湾和星星堂满足男士,女士和儿童的娱乐休闲要求。
Availabilities in this compound
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