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Top of City Line 2 MAP
中凯城市之光 2号线 地图
Lane 333 Weihai Road West Nanjing Road (3-mins)
威海路333弄 南京西路(3分钟)
Modern Apartments
Onsite Clubhouse:Yes
Average Rental:RMB 180/sqm/month
平均租金:人民币 180/平方米/月
Top of City enjoys a prime location in downtown Shanghai suited on Weihai Road, close to Chongqing Highway. It was built in 2005 and consists of 18 high-rise buildings offering 1,000 units approximately in total. Since all the units belong to individual landlords, there is a great diversity of decorations and furnishing. The accesses are secured by a pin-card system, to insure the security of the tenants. The government is trying to build a famous food street on Dagu Road which is right behind the compound, in the near future there will be more and more high-end restaurants and café shop located in this area; Top of the City also holds the record of having the biggest artificial lake in a residential compound in the downtown area which makes it very attractive in the market; There are lots of different apartments with different layouts for you to choose from. Despite the penthouses, the most popular units are the duplexed 2 bedroom apartments sized around 140sqm and the bigger sized 4 bedrooms units with the 270 angle round windows placed around 230sqm. Top of City is surely one of the most mature modern compounds in the city centre.
中凯城市之光位于市中心心腹之地的威海路,靠近重庆高架。竣工于2005年由18栋高层建筑组成共有1,000个单元。自从出售给个人业主后,所有单元的装修和配置迥然各异。为了确保小区租客的安全物业管理中心在小区进出口安置了Pin-card 系统。政府计划在小区后的大沽路打造一条美食街,不久的将来将会有许多高档餐厅和咖啡入住该区域。静安区最大的人工湖也坐落于该小区,因而吸引了市场上的大批租客。该小区有多种房型可供选择:除了顶层公寓,最受市场欢迎的是140平方米的2房和230平方米带有270°弧形窗户的大4房。毋庸置疑,中凯城市之光是市中心最成熟的小区之一。
Availabilities in this compound
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Shanghai rentals of Lane 333 Weihai Road in Top of City-Shanghai Lintel 中凯城市之光威海路333弄的可租房源