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Tianshan Hongqiao Gubei 天山虹桥古北 2、10、15

Hongqiao, Gubei & Tianshan are the 3 most popular residential areas in Changning District and cover an area of 136.6 hectares. Gubei is best known as an enclave of East Asian expatriates in Shanghai, including those from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. As a result Gubei is sometimes informally referred to as "Little Tokyo", "Little Taipei" or "K-town". Gubei also has a significant number of expatriates from other regions, mainly Europe and North America. There is still much in Hongqiao gubei’s favor: A critical mass of expatriate residents, proximity to international schools, entertainment, sports facilities and shops. For many, these benefits are likely to outweigh the travelling time to offices in the city centre which in any case rarely now exceeds 30 minutes even for those who use the excellent bus service.
Modern compounds in the region Average Rental
区域内的现代小区 平均租金
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    Tianshan Hongqiao Gubei 天山虹桥古北