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Century Park and Green city area are located in the prime area of Pudong district. There are 2 big residential communalities-Biyun & Lianyang. Biyun community is an upscale community popular among expatriate families. It includes 14 neighborhoods and more than 13,000 residents, most of whom are foreigners who have stayed in Shanghai for over six months. Proximity to the international schools (including Concordia, Dulwich & Pinghe) is also one of the reasons that expats families choose the area to live. Lianyang New Community is another major international living area in Pudong. Its major shopping area is Thumb Plaza and Lianyang Plaza. Because of its high-class position, Lianyang community highly concentrated many shops of famous brand, and have a low vacancy rate. The commercial mansions in this district are mainly located nearby Dingxiang Road and Minsheng Road. Result from the location of abutting Century Park, these mansions boast excellent office environment.
Modern compounds in the region Average Rental
区域内的现代小区 平均租金
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    Century Park & Green City 世纪公园和碧云社区