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The North Bund is at the intersection of Suzhou River and Huangpu River, it is named by the location which is at the north part of The Bund. The North Bund, The Bund and Lujiazui forms a Golden Triangle in Shanghai, which has a incomparable location and immeasurable potential development value. The North Bund is famous as an international shipping center. As an extension of The Bund, The North Bund comes with rich cultural resources and deep historical accumulation. With the huge success of Xintiandi in Huangpu District, the Hongkong Developer Ruihong Tiandi creates another landmark community Ruihong Tiandi in Hongkou the North Bund. It is a comprehensive project which serves residential complexes, commercial center, leisure and fashion etc.. An increasing number of people come to the Gate of Music, W Hotel, Riverside Pedestrian, Ruihong Tiandi in The North Bund for fun.
北外滩因其坐落在浦西外滩北边而得名,处于苏州河和黄浦江的交汇处,与外滩、陆家嘴形成三足鼎立之势,共同构成黄金三角,区位优势得天独厚,蕴含巨大的开发价值。北外滩也是上海最重要的航运服务中心。同时它作为外滩的延伸,这里拥有丰富的文化资源和深厚的历史积淀。 香港瑞安集团在北外滩的虹口区打造的瑞虹天地是继新天地的完美成功后的又一集商业,住宅,休闲,时尚为一体的综合性社区。越来越多的人选择来到北外滩的音乐之门,W酒店,滨江绿地,瑞虹天地放松娱乐。
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