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Changfeng Park is one part of Putuo District, it is suited at the middle of Changning District and Putuo District, it faces to Tianshan Changning District across the Suzhou River. There are increasing brand new compounds with the time being. The transportation of the area is convenient, the Middle Ring Highway is 5 minutes driving distance away. This area is named by the popular public park Changfeng Park. This park occupies 364,000 square kilometers, the center lake is the most beautiful scenic spot. The residents have easy access to The Joy City shopping mall. New apartments are also cheaper than the ones with the same standard in the downtown areas.
长风公园是坐落在长宁虹桥古北和普陀之间的一个区域,与长宁天山隔苏州河相望。这个区域近年来新造了大量的全新住宅小区和服务式公寓。该地区的交通十分便捷,5分钟车程就可以到中环高架。该区域因长风公园而得名,长风公园总面积达36.4万平方公里,以湖景为主,是大型的休闲娱乐的综合性公园。 大悦城商城可以满足居住此处的商业需求。这里的全新公寓比市中心相同标准的公寓价格更便宜。
Modern compounds in the region Average Rental
区域内的现代小区 平均租金
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    Changfeng Park 长风公园