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People's Square is a large public square adjacent to Nanjing Road in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, China. People's Square is the site of Shanghai’s municipal government headquarters building, and is used as the standard reference point for measurement of distance in the Shanghai municipality. It is literally suited in the middle of the map of Shanghai. The Bund is the landmark in the city and it is also a newly developed residential area in Huangpu district. It used be used as one of the most popular docks in Shanghai back in the old days; You could still find those old warehouses standing on the river side nowadays which have been refurbished into offices and restaurants. With its prime location and nice river view, The Bund area has been getting more and more popular in the past few years.
Modern compounds in the region Average Rental
区域内的现代小区 平均租金
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    PPL Square & The Bund 人民广场和外滩