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With the increased demands of the international education, lots of international schools have set up new campuses in Pudong area. Schools include British international school, Shanghai American School, Shanghai Community International School, Shanghai Japanese School and German & French school. The expats families living around these schools have great impact on the development of the areas. There are 2 popular areas in general—Tang County & Kangqiao. Both Tang County & Kangqiao are located at the eastern southern part of Pudong covering a big land with modern villa compounds located in the area. They are quite suitable for expats families with kids who love to enjoy space and nature. Famous villa compounds around these international schools are Shanghai Links, The Emerald, Tiziano Villa, Tomson Golf villa & Buckingham Villa etc.
随着越来越多的外籍家庭来到上海工作求学,许多国际学校纷纷在浦东建立了新的分校,这些学校包括:上海美国学校浦东校区,上海英国学校浦东校区,上海长宁国际学校浦东校区,上海日本人学校浦东校区,以及上海德法学校浦东校区。住在这些国际学校校区附近的外籍家庭对这块区域的发展起到了决定性的作用。 唐镇和康桥是其中最为人所熟悉的地区,这里有别于市区的良好环境与空间非常适合外籍家庭生活,绿宝园,提香别墅,汤臣高尔夫别墅,白金汉宫等著名的高档别墅区均是非常好的选择。
Modern compounds in the region Average Rental
区域内的现代小区 平均租金
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