why choose lintel

Lintel Database

Customers choose Lintel for access to the Lintel Database, a personally selected list of Shanghai's most desirable properties. The Lintel Database allows our experts to curate a list of properties that our customers can call home. Our availabilities range from apartments in the city center to villas in the suburbs, and charming historical lane houses to modern high-rise compounds.

Lintel Team

The Lintel Team is English speaking with specific experience working with Western customers. Before a Lintel agent takes you for apartment viewings, our office analyzes your situation and requirements to determine the best properties for your consideration. Lintel agents understand the time sensitive nature of our services; we will schedule convenient viewings with timely suggestions and advice. Lintel agents are courageous; we will stand up for you to negotiate the price with landlords. Local and knowledgeable, we will not only introduce to you the best apartments in Shanghai, but also keep you informed about our city. Every new customer is a welcomed member of the community.

Lintel After-sale Services

During the lease term, Lintel will take good care of our customers; we have associate professionals including electricians, plumbers, contractors, painters and IT technicians who are standing by to help you solve any potential problems. If you intend to renew your lease before it expires, Lintel will also help you re-negotiate terms with landlords and draft renewing contracts. Lintel also sends newsletters to our customers every month to keep them informed of the rental market in the city.

Lintel Feedback

In order for Lintel to provide the greatest sales experience in Shanghai, we are encouraging our customers and stakeholders to leave messages and recommendations on our LinkedIn profile. This will allow our customers to see our strengths, weaknesses and subsequent improvements. If you would prefer to speak to the Lintel Supervisor directly, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Lintel Partners

Over the years, Lintel has created cooperation with many companies in Shanghai to better service the needs of our customers. We can recommend special offers from custom furniture stores, private drivers, curtain companies, tailors, moving companies, money exchange and Visa services exclusive to the Lintel community.

Lintel Interaction

Lintel understands that our customers are our community. We want new and old customers to feel at home with friends and family in Shanghai. Lintel staff organizes get-together parties for our customers and friends every month in some of the most sought after venues in Shanghai.

Lintel Commission

Lintel strictly abides by the rules of the market. Our agents only charge the landlord commission. However, if the monthly rental is below USD 1,000 or if the landlord is not willing to pay full commissions to Lintel, we will have to charge our customers 35% of one-month rental for commission. Such instance is a rare occurrence.

Lintel Workflow

With 5 years of industry experience, Lintel has developed a professional working procedure for all of our customers, detailed as follows:

After receiving your requirement via mail, phone call or introduction, our agents will analyze your requirement, ask you a few more questions, and will start sending you interesting options to start with.

After we understand what you are looking for, our agents will confirm the potential viewings at your convenience and sta rt showing you the properties. After each viewing, we will help you digest what we have seen, narrow your requirements and show you more suitable places in the following viewings.

When you are interested in a property, our agents will help you make a proposal to the landlord and negotiate with the landlord according to your offer.

Before signing the contract, our agents will help you read through the contract, explaining all the terms and negotiating these terms with the landlord. After the contract is signed by both parties, we will organize a meeting between the customer and the landlord to sign the lease contract.

After the lease contract is signed, we will help the landlord to prepare the apartment for our customers, checking if all the appliances are in good working condition and preparing the installation of Internet and satellite.

Lintel will help our customers check into the apartments on-time and will provide moving companies for our customers if necessary. Before the landlords hand over the properties to our customers, we will record the furniture listing in the apartments, we will also calculate the utility bills for the first month in the apartment and make sure our customers are not paying for any bills that don't belong to them. After our customers move in, our agents will help to register our customers with the local police stations.

Before the lease expires, we will help our customers to return the properties to the landlords. We will calculate how many outstanding bills that our customers are responsible for and chase the deposit from the landlords.

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